Teacher Training Courses and Presentations

Dr. Knight offers several short training courses for educators and other professionals. The information centres around the most common types of behavioural /learning difficulties encountered in international schools. A major focus of each course is providing practical recommendations that can be utilized by teachers on an individual and classroom level. The following topics are offered:

ADD/ADHD – Introduction to Identification and Intervention

Covers the latest information regarding the identification of ADD/ADHD as well as current research regarding school based interventions and other treatments including medication.

Understanding Dyslexia, Specific Learning Difficulties, Learning Disabilities

How to identify and help children who have difficulty with acquisition of reading, written language and mathematics skills. A major focus is an overview of research based intervention strategies including cognitive strategy instruction.

Recognizing and Helping Children with Aspergers Syndrome (2 hours)

Information to aid professionals in understanding and identifying children with Aspergers Syndrome. School based interventions as well as collaborative interventions with parents and other professionals are presented.

Autism Spectrum Disorders (2 to 3 Hours)

A comprehensive look at autism spectrum disorders. Characteristics, conceptualization, causes, developmental course as well as a section on research regarding social skills training and how methods can be adapted to school settings.

*Cost for a 2 hour seminar is HKD 3,000 and 4,500 for the 3 hour seminar on autism spectrum disorders.