Speech / Language Therapy

This specialized field focuses on the treatment of children who need assistance to become functional communicators in their environments. Our therapists are international degree-holders in Speech Language Pathology who have extensive experience working with children in clinical and school settings.

Individual assessment for children addresses functional communication problems and provides treatment in a family centered environment. The Child and Family Centre offers speech/language therapy services by professionally trained and certified Speech Language Therapists. Services are provided to children of all ages and can be delivered at the centre or in the child’s school by mutual agreement between parents, schools and the Therapist.

Services are available in English or Cantonese.

Pediatric speech therapy services may address the following areas:

Speech Language Oral Motor
Childhood Apraxia of Speech
Phonological Delay
Voice (Vocal Cord Nodules)
Hearing Loss
Language Delay
Auditory Processing Disorders
Autism Spectrum Disorders
Oral Muscle Weakness