Publications by Dr. Knight

Over the course of his career, Dr. Knight has authored or co-authored numerous papers and research articles. Many have appeared in peer-reviewed journals or have been presented at international conferences. Feel free to browse the following list of publications to learn more about Dr. Knight’s research specialties and how the Child and Family Centre assists with the learning needs of children in the region.

All papers authored by Dr. Knight, unless otherwise noted.


1. Title: Direct and Peer-Mediated Social Skills Training for Children with Asperger Syndrome

Authors: Knight, Caleb; Tin, Hang Yip James

2. Title: Video Self Modeling: Does it help children with autism socialise?

NASP 2011 Poster Presentation by Dr. Caleb Knight

3. Teacher Information Packet ADHD

4. Social Stories Instructions

5. Recommendations for Social & Language Development

6. Parenting Tips

7. Language Disorders in Children

8. Home Management Suggestions for Children With Attention Deficit Disorder

9. Guidelines for Teachers and Educational Assistants Working with ASD Children

10. Evaluation of an Inclusive Program for Autistic Children 2008

11. Children and Divorce

12. Autism Camp Article

Published in Wisconsin Educator, April 2009

13. Anxiety Disorders Short Term Therapy

14. ADHD Teacher Interventions

15. ADHD Medication Information

16. ADHD Interventions